Chains for Animals

We are manufacturers of animal chains , for big and small animals. We manufacture chains to tie cattle and all kind of animals. We are producers of chains for cattle. We manufacture chains for animals to tie in stables or outdoors. We manufacture custom chains for animals. Accessories of high quality for livestock.

We can produce the custom chain you need for your animal. Contact us


Chains for Small Animals

Chains to tie small animals: dogs, goats, etc...
With special swivel so that animals do not get entangled.
Link training collars twisted so that the animal does not suffer.


Chains for Big Animals

Chains to tie large animals: cows, oxen, bulls, camels, elephants ... all chains are  galvanized to prevent rust.

Custom Chains for cattle. Bespoke Chains for cows and bulls.

Chains to tie big animals in stables and barns.

Chains for animals outdoors

Chains for animals made in high quality European steel

  • The best endurance.
  • Proven results over time.
  • See one of our animal chains with more than 25 years of work still running

Accesories for Livestock

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