How to Choose the Right Type of Snow chain

Ruedas DelanterasFirst thing to check when choosing snow chains is the size of our tires.

Snow chains are installed only on wheels that generate traction, usually these are the front ones.

Using the search engine for people

Enter your wheel size (eg 205/60/16) and the search engine will tell you what type of snow chain you must order

Using the search engine for enterprises

Use the form to schedule your purchases and reduce your inventory. For example, enter the profile (2 º number on wheels) most used in 4x4 vehicles (high profile) or sports cars (low profile tires and larger) and order your snow chains.

Chain Browser



  Reference Cover Diameter Tensor Price  

Table of equivalences

Normal Zig-Zag Estrella
R-127 Z-327 E-327
R-130 Z-330 E-330
R-131 Z-331 E-331
R-132 Z-332 E-332
R-133 Z-333 E-333
R-134 Z-334 E-334
R-135 Z-335 E-335
R-136 Z-336 E-336
R-137 Z-337 E-337
R-138 Z-338 E-338
R-139 Z-339 E-339
R-140 Z-340 E-340

Example: The snow chain corresponding to tire 265/70/19 is R-130, but if you need better grip or you want the most extreme chain you can order the Z-330 or E-330

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