Chains for snow and mud

INDUSTRIAS LAR is the only manufacturer of snow chains that controls the entire production process in-house on its premises. INDUSTIAS LAR is a producer of snow chains. The raw materials used in our tire chains are constructed out of high quality European steel. All tire chains are manufactured on site in southern Europe.

The tire chains are constructed out of European alloy steel, coated with a layer of zinc (10 microns). As an option, if desired we offer a hardness process (tempered and hardened) which makes the chains extremely resistant to wear and tear.

We specialize in mud and snow chains for 4x4 vehicles, snow chains for trucks, snow chains for vans, tire chains for special vehicles, tire chains for trucks, and snow chains for special trucks, ambulances, military vehicles and ATVs.

We are suppliers for major law enforcement agencies, firefighters and civil protection services and the military.

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Our snow chains are tested in extreme conditions. We produce tire chains customized for any type of vehicle and all types of 4x4 vehicles

Chains for 4x4 (4 wheel drive cars)

4x4 snow chains and chains for mud. Tire chains used by the military. Get the “SPIDER EFFECT”.

Can´t find your tire chains? We manufacture tailor-made tire chains for snow and mud

Do you need to repair your tire chain? With our repair kits you can do it easily

Or just Create and build your snow chain.

Get a license to build our snow chains and mud chains with the best raw materials and market them. (PATENTED MODEL)

Tire Chains Types

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