Custom Chains

We manufacture tire chains for any type of vehicle. (snow chains for vans, snow chains for 4x4, snow chains for off road cars, snow chains for trucks and ambulances, snow chains for company vehicles)

Take measurements of your wheels and contact us so that we can manufacture your custom built chains

Tire Width
Tire Width
Tire Diameter
Tire Diameter

Repair your Snow Chain

The only snow chains that can be repaired at the time everywhere. Very useful for police, army and police rescue.
There are 2 types of repair kits:

Emergency Kit

It is a simple hook that is placed with a single hammer blow.

Advanced Repair and Custom Kit

With our raw materials you can repair and / or improve the grip of your snow chains with a simple act of cutting and mounting.

Build your own Chain (Trade Mark)

Get a license to assemble our snow and mud chains with the best raw materials (internationally patented model).

We will provide you the best raw material to build your bespoke chains.

No matter if you are a person or a company... We will teach you how to build snow chains. Contact us

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